Terry Denstad Obituary, Death – Terry Denstad Obituary, Terry Denstad Of Caledonia MN Had Died  On January 1, 2021, Terry Denstad passed suddenly after a brief hospitalization in Caledonia, Minnesota. He passed away right before the start of the new year, after 90 years, 8 months, and 21 days. On April 11, 1930, Anton Denstad was born in Caledonia, Minnesota. Along with his older brothers Durward and Lee Denstad and cousin Josfin (William) Kissinger, he spent his boyhood on the family farm outside of town. On the farm, Dale acquired manual dexterity and enduring talents. He first met Gladys Beardmore, a native of New Albin, when he was a football standout at Caledonia High School. On May 23, 1950, Dale and Gladys were wed in Caledonia.

Gary was conceived on Dale’s maternal family farm during their first year of marriage. The couple relocated to LaCrosse, Wisconsin after Dale was hired by Trane before joining Gladys’ parents on their farm in Winnebago Township. Dale and Gladys had Rick and Terry in addition to their first son. Dale and his family moved to Marshall Street in Caledonia in 1970. While overseeing the Starlite Lanes project, Dale sold Harvestore. From the time it opened until he sold it in 1980, he was the bowling alley’s owner and manager. In the year 2006, Dale and Gladys relocated from Caledonia to New Albin, Iowa. Dale never let his aversion to unfamiliar situations prevent him from attempting new things.

He was friendly, steadfast in his convictions, and eager to lend a hand. He liked telling stories and making jokes, going to his boat house, and having family gatherings. He enjoyed big band music, sun tea, and chocolate. Along with Gladys, he visited the Bahamas, Calgary, New Orleans, Australia, and New Zealand. Additionally, he made a solo trip to Norway to see his relatives. Up until the end of his life, he could still recall details about his family and his area. All of his friends and loved ones are crushed by his passing. Gladys, Dale’s wife, passed away in 2020, terminating their union.