Tiffany Messner Obituary, Death – It has come to light that the individual who passed away as a result of the collision that took place on County Road 19 early on Thursday morning was a female resident of the community of Goshen. It has been reported by the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office that the woman who was involved in the incident did not make it through it alive. It was discovered during the investigation that the event had taken place on County Road 19, the location where it was looked into.

It is reported that at 4:18 in the morning, a pedestrian crossed the highway from the westbound side into the path of a southbound 2020 Dodge Durango that was traveling on C.R. 19 north of C.R. 38. The collision resulted in the death of the pedestrian. The collision was ultimately brought about. In the end, we were able to bring about the collision. The front left side of the vehicle, which was being driven by the individual who was driving the vehicle, is where the collision between the car and the pedestrian took place, as stated by the reports.

The individual who was driving the vehicle was the one who caused the collision. It was discovered that Goshen resident Tiffany Jo Messner had been run over by a vehicle, and she ultimately succumbed to the injuries she sustained as a result of the collision. It was determined by the attending medical personnel at the scene of the accident that she had passed away while they were there and they were unable to revive her. According to the details that were presented, Messner was 34 years old at the time.

The person being referred to in this context is the driver of the Durango who was involved in the accident but who did not sustain any injuries as a result of the incident. At this point in time, the investigation into the factors that may have contributed to the accident is still being carried out.