Tim Daly Obituary, Death – Tim Daly of Norwalk, Connecticut has peacefully passed away surrounded by his wife and his mother. Tim was a valued member of Brunswick School maintenance team, a varsity baseball coach. He was from Greenwich, Connecticut. Tim attended Greenwich High School. According to Tim’s GoFundMe account; “Tim was the kindest, most devoted, and most loving person anyone could ever have the good fortune to have the opportunity to know. If you had the opportunity to play baseball or softball with Tim or for him, he would think of you as a close friend and consider you to be a member of his inner circle.

If Tim could count you as his son, husband, brother, godfather, uncle, or nephew in addition to other honorable titles, then in his eyes, you had reached the very pinnacle of human achievement and were at the very top of the human achievement ladder. Tim gave everything he had to make the people around him happy, and as a result, he found that this brought him happiness as well. Tim was able to continue with this cycle for as long as he was able. Everyone who knew Tim well understood that they could always count on him to help them out in a pinch simply by picking up the phone and giving him a call.

This was common knowledge among those who had a good working relationship with Tim. The goal that Tim set for himself early in life was to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone he met. Let’s all chip in right now to help his family in whatever way we can, whatever it may be. Everyone will miss you, Tim, and our love for you will last forever. We will never forget you. Click to visit Tim Daly’s GoFundMe page.

You were an amazing friend in addition to being a wonderful human being. You have caused the hearts of so many people to break when you left them, but may you finally find some peace until the time comes when we can be together again. Your presence, along with the thoughtfulness that you displayed, will never be forgotten by anyone.