Timothy Wood Obituary, Death – Everyone who works here at McClure Concrete has been left with a very heavy heart as a result of the untimely passing of Timothy Wood, who was the company’s number one employee at the time of his passing. The untimely passing of Timothy Wood has left everyone working here at McClure Concrete with a very heavy heart. Because of Timothy Wood’s loss, all of us here at McClure Concrete are carrying around a great deal of sadness. Tim abruptly and much too quickly terminated his ties with us on November 30, which was far too soon for him to do so. It was much too soon for him to do so.

It was just too early for him to take that step. It was far too early for him to behave in such a manner at that point. When the incident took place, Tim was working at McClure Concrete, where he had been employed for the previous 34 years, and he was in the midst of performing his duties there at the time. He was well-known for his authoritative yet objective manner of speaking, the continual dissemination of knowledge he offered, and the kind and generous attitude he held as a gentleman. His lecturing style, information supply, and attitude are all examples of what made him well-known. Particularly well-known was his approach to the educational process.

He was known to be a trustworthy and truthful person who lived up to his reputation. Tim has been an important contributor to the education and development of a large number of key people in the construction and building industry. Because he is always willing to lend a helping hand and has been known to give away even the shirt right off his back, he exemplifies the very definition of a selfless person. He is the very definition of a person who is selfless. After Tim’s passing, he will be remembered fondly by a large number of people, including his wife Elizabeth, the couple’s two daughters Cecelia and Kelley, the couple’s two sons Nick and Tyler, a large number of grandchildren, and both of Tim’s sons Nick and Tyler.

Nick and Tyler, Tim’s sons, will also be mourning the loss of their father. Since Tim was the youngest of his siblings, he is also survived by his brothers and sisters who came before him in the family tree. If you do not have a present for Tim or if you are still hungry, Tim will not let you leave the house until you have one of those things in your possession. If you do not have either of those things, Tim will not let you leave the house. Now that the problem has been fixed, Tim can travel risk-free to the location where he will spend the rest of eternity because he no longer faces any obstacles along the way. When he leaves, everyone will miss him in their own special and distinct way, but in their own particular way.