Timothy Worsham Obituary, Death – The Birmingham Police Department is currently conducting an investigation into a possible homicide that took place as a direct result of the shootings that took place on Monday afternoon in the eastern section of the city, which came as a direct result of reports that three people were shot in the same area of the city. It was in response to reports that three people were shot on Monday afternoon that this investigation was initiated. This investigation is a part of their ongoing investigation into the shootings.

It has come to light that the authorities were called to the location at the 700 block of Springville Road in response to an incident that was taking place in that location at the time. This action was taken as a response to the fact that an incident was transpiring at that location. It was decided that the situation that was taking place there would serve as the reason for the call that would be placed, and it was decided that this would be the reason for the call that would be placed. In the statement that came before this one, some background information on the setting of the topic was provided.

This statement will provide some additional background information on the setting. The conversation that was started in the last statement will continue here with this one. The members of law enforcement who came to our aid have been extremely helpful and have given us all of this information. They have been informed that three persons were shot in the area surrounding where they are currently situated in the world. They were able to acquire this knowledge by eavesdropping on the conversations of others and taking notes on what they heard.

In their individual capacities, each of those participants was a male. There was not a single female participant. One of those people sadly did not make it through the ordeal that they were forced to go through, despite the fact that they had sustained injuries that were considered to be life-threatening. Timothy Wayne Worsham, III was identified as the person who passed away, and according to the information that was provided by the Jefferson County Coroner, he resided in the Midfield neighborhood at the time of his passing, which is when he passed away.

The person who passed away has been identified as having been the individual who passed away. The Jefferson County Coroner was the one who offered this information to us. The Jefferson County Coroner is the one who provided us with this information and we are grateful to them. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Jefferson County Coroner for both the information that they have provided us with and the services that they have provided. He had just turned 22 years old when the incident in question took place. To put it another way, he could be considered a young adult.