Tracy Baslee Obituary, Death – The name of the unlucky person who lost their life in the sad construction accident that took place in Omaha on Wednesday has been made public by the authorities who are in charge of investigating the situation in question. The accident took place at a building site. When the Omaha police received a report about the incident at approximately 11:34 in the morning, construction workers were attempting to connect two pipes that were located on the side of the road at the intersection of 150th Street and Wycliffe Drive. The pipes were located at the intersection of 150th Street and Wycliffe Drive.

A man called Tracy Baslee, who is 56 years old, reportedly sustained injuries after a bucket that had been fastened to a backhoe became detached and fell on him. The bucket had been mounted to the backhoe. According to reports, Baslee was hurt as a result of the event. The incidence was reported to the appropriate authorities as soon as it occurred. When the authorities arrived, they found Baslee lying on his stomach, and it appeared as though he was not breathing at the time. This information is according to the report that was given to them. These particulars were gleaned from a complaint that the police department submitted.

In addition to this, there was no evidence that he was conscious, and there was no indication that he had a pulse anywhere on his body. Officers from the Omaha Police Department who had just arrived on the site reported to their colleagues that one of their colleagues had already begun conducting cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the victim. Baslee was brought to a nearby hospital by first responders when he was in a very severe state; however, he did not survive his arrival at the hospital and was pronounced dead once he got there.

Baslee was taken to the hospital by first responders when he was in a very critical state. During the time when Baslee was being transferred to the hospital, his condition deteriorated. The authorities, having finished their investigation into Baslee’s death, came to the conclusion that the young woman had been involved in a sad accident before to her demise. This was their finding after coming to the end of their investigation.