Troy Dettinger Obituary, Death – Following the heartbreaking announcement of Firefighter/Operator Troy Dettinger’s passing, the West York Fire Department is in a state of mourning. After hearing the news, the employees in the department reacted with shock and astonishment at what had happened. In addition to his duties as a Volunteer Chief in Dover Borough, Troy has been serving the community in West York Borough ever since 2014, when he was given the opportunity to work there on a part-time basis as an operator. In Dover Borough, he is the fire chief. This is due to the fact that West York Borough acknowledges the contributions that Troy makes to the Dover Borough Fire Department.

To put it another way, he has been trying to juggle both of these commitments at the same time in order to achieve some sort of equilibrium. Not only was Troy an incredible friend, but he also played a significant role in the successes that the team achieved. He was always available to provide a helping hand whenever it was wanted, to contribute to the education of the younger generation, and to assist the communities in which he resided. He also contributed to the education of the younger generation. In addition to this, he was an educator who helped others of a younger generation.

He was always prepared to assist in any way that was necessary, and he was always available to do so whenever it was necessary. No matter how long eternity turns out to be, both our memories of him and he himself will be held in the highest regard throughout the rest of eternity. This will be the case regardless of how long eternity ends up being. No matter how long eternity turns out to be, this will always be the case. Troy, starting now, we are going to keep our hold on the line that we have established, and we sincerely thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Please say a prayer for his family as well as for all of the cities and departments that he has served in throughout his life. He has dedicated his life to public service. He has devoted every moment of his life to put the requirements of others before his own. He lived his entire life with the intention of satisfying the needs of others in any way he could.