Trudy Harris Obituary, Death – A member of the family who had been greatly loved by everyone and who had been very involved in the activities of the Alaska Regional organization passed away not too long ago. This member of the family had been very active in the organization’s activities. Trudy Harris, who had been working for us as our Director of Respiratory Therapy up until the middle of November, when she unexpectedly went away, lost her battle with a debilitating illness and passed away as a result of her illness. This sickness had taken its toll on her in the past.

Because Trudy has worked for our organization for a combined total of 36 years over the course of her career here, she is the employee who has the record for the longest amount of time spent working here. In spite of the fact that her department was frequently understaffed and struggled to provide uninterrupted treatment for their patients, she was a constant presence in our respiratory therapy department, putting in long hours across many shifts and on weekends. She worked these hours despite the fact that our department was struggling to provide uninterrupted treatment. In spite of the fact that her department frequently struggled to offer uninterrupted therapy for their patients, this was the case.

This was the case in spite of the fact that her department frequently struggled to provide uninterrupted therapy for their patients. She continued to put in these hours of work despite the fact that at the time our department was operating with a low staffing level. Trudy maintained an admirable level of serenity in spite of the difficulties brought on by the outbreak, and she never stopped putting the requirements of our patients ahead of any and all other worries at any point in time. Even if she were only there, it would be better for everyone if she weren’t there at all. Even if she were just present. Her presence is something that, in the event that it was ever taken away from us, we would feel a profound sense of loss.