Vic Matteucci Obituary, Death – Vic Matteucci, who resided in Cleveland, Ohio, is said to have passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind loved ones, members of his family, and the entirety of the community in a state of grief and anguish. Mr. Matteucci worked as an auto mechanic for Reedman Motors, McCafferty Ford, and Acme Markets prior to his retirement from Engineering and Refrigeration in Bristol. In addition, he served for a period of time in the military. His previous professional experience was primarily in the fields of Refrigeration and Engineering. In the past, he has worked in a variety of industries at a number of different companies, including Reedman Motors, McCafferty Ford, and Acme Markets, to name just a few.

He was involved in the congregation of Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, as well as the Kiwanis Club, the Knights of Columbus, and the Fraternal Order of Eagles, which are all fraternal organizations. In addition, he was a member of the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church. In addition to this, he was a devoted parishioner at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, where he regularly attended services. He was a member of the church’s choir as well. In the past, he was invited to join the Eagles Fraternal Order, which is an American fraternal organization. At the time, he was a member of the organization. Vic was not only a fan of music, but he also possessed musical talent, as he was able to play the bass fiddle, trumpet, and trombone.

He was a music enthusiast. His favorite way to express himself through music was in a bluegrass style. He was someone who took great pleasure in musical performances. He was a member of the Chris Matthews Quartet, an ensemble that played the big band music that he loved and that he helped to find. This genre of music was very important to him. This particular quartet was one of the groups that performed these musical pieces. This was the category that most accurately described his preferred way of expressing himself through music. He never missed a game of either the Cleveland Indians or the Cleveland Browns in his entire life and was a devoted fan of both teams. Cleveland is the city where he was both born and raised.