Victoria Neese Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, January 25, 2022, at the age of 66, Steve Neese, a loving husband, brother, and uncle, passed away in the arms of his wife. He had battled cancer for a number of years.
He is survived by his wife of 31 years, Kelly, their two pets, Oliver and Fluffy, as well as his brothers Mike Neese and his wife Jamie, who have two children named Branden and Jenny, Ritchie Neese and his wife Tanay, who have two daughters named Stevie Jean (daughter Melanie), and Victoria Neese Brame, as well as his two pets, Oliver and Fluffy.

He is also survived by his brothers Mike Neese and his wife Jamie, who have On April 15, 2019, he died. Steve’s birthday is October 20th, and he was born in Lebanon, Indiana, in 1955. His mother, Betty Jean Detherage, and his father, Richard Farris Neese, were responsible for his upbringing. The year 1973 was the year he received his diploma from Broad Ripple High School. Neese Brothers Construction was initially established by Steve and his brothers, who also serve as the company’s namesake. They would ride their motorcycles south through Central America in order to get warm during the bitterly cold winters in Indiana. During the previous season, they had spent time building a number of homes throughout the region.

In the year 1982, the brothers and their family opened up Neese Brother’s Potato Place in the City Market, which is located in the middle of downtown Indianapolis. When Cousin Diane invited her best friend Kelly to join the team, everyone fell in love at first sight. After that, Steve and Kelly didn’t spend so much as a single day apart from one another. When the couple’s charming new home in Zionsville was finally finished being built in 2001, they were overjoyed to finally be able to move back in.

The strumming of the guitar, reading books, working on projects around the house or while unwinding on the front porch, and doting on all of their animals throughout the years were among Steve’s favorite activities to engage in during his free time.
On the 31st of January, 2022, we will be holding a celebration of Steve’s life at the Simplicity Funeral Home in Zionsville, and we would be honored if you could be there with us.