Vinnie Soviero Obituary, Death – Soviero III died of a heart attack in 2022. He lived by himself. Funerals were important to him. Some people found his jokes to be offensive.
Vinnie was born on September 20, 1944. Soviero-raised. Despite his Italian-American and Roman Catholic upbringing, he enjoyed being the class clown in Red Bank. Red Bank High School graduate in 1963. The usher at the Carlton. His friends set off gas flares from the balcony. Vietnam lasted 14 months. Years. Clarinetist in the Marine Corps Band. “President’s Own” is the oldest military band.

Bendix later hired him. On June 1, 1968, they married in his childhood church. Weddings and anniversaries were held at the Molly Pitcher Inn.
Vinnie enlisted in the NJSP. At PNC, he worked in undercover narcotics and trooper security (now PNC). He taught kids in New Jersey about guns, fire, and drugs. During the summer, ESU patrolled Monmouth Park Racetrack. He spent a week at Rider College with the State Police’s ESU, where a mock government was formed. Jersey Boys State Band recently performed.

In 1999, I retired voluntarily. He joined to pay tribute to his father. Randi’s friend and closeup magician “Flakey the Clown” in the 1970s. Vinnie enjoyed classics and live performances. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Danny Kay-style musical comedies, old war, and western films, particularly those starring John Wayne, Marx Brothers films, Wild Wild West, Star Trek, MASH, and Jeopardy! He was fond of “old things.” Vinnie is a fan of GAS and the classics. Colts Neck Community Band, Alleluia Jazz Band, VFW Board of Directors
Vinnie is a Giants fan. He’s been keeping track of their wins, losses, and personnel changes since the 1950s. Supporter of the Giants.

Vinnie was passionate about animals, nature, and adventure. Camping was where I spent my vacations and retirement. He and Elaine are unofficial animal rescuers in the neighborhood. Despite popular belief, Vinnie ate. Nothing from Italy. The wife and mother-in-law requested manicotti. Cocktail appetizers. It was his favorite beverage. Gin-vermouth ratio: 1:3. Every meal was accompanied by wine. He is survived by his wife Elaine, brother John and wife Susan, children James, Thomas, Gina, and grandchildren Michael S., Nicholas, Michael F., Meleana, and Christian.
Donations are preferred by Vinnie over flowers. His death will be just as happy as his life.

Red Bank, December 8, 2-4 and 7-9, 310 Broad St. Olivet Cemetery, Middletown