Vladimir Oveido Obituary Death – On Friday, the body of a person who had been shot was discovered in the middle of the median on Glades Road close to the Florida Turnpike. That victim was identified as Vladimir Oveido, who was 53 years old. Oveido is a native of Hollywood, which is located in Florida. In Boca West, he had just completed delivering food to the people working on the construction project. BocaNewsNow.com was able to receive the identify on Friday night, but the information was withheld until sources within law enforcement assessed that publishing the identification would not hamper the investigation.

According to information gathered by BocaNewsNow.com, Oviedo had just left the building site at Boca West when he disembarked the vehicle and collapsed on Glades Road. Oviedo was the driver of a construction site “canteen” truck. At the moment of his passing, Oviedo was the one behind the wheel of the truck. He had a wound on his torso that appeared to have been caused by a bullet. Who shot him and where the shooting took place are both unknown at this time.

Neither of these particulars is known at this time. There were no bullet holes discovered on the truck, and there is no proof that anybody else was present in the 2010 Chevrolet Silverado that had been converted into a food service van at the time of the shooting. Oviedo was found sometime between 12:30 and 12:45 p.m., and right after he was found, he was rushed into surgery as a matter of urgency. Oviedo was apparently sighted in Boca West at approximately 12:30 local time, according to a person who claims to be familiar with him.

According to the records that BocaNewsNow.com was able to obtain, Vladimir Oviedo possessed a license that authorized him to work as a security guard in the state of Florida. This information was gleaned from the documents that BocaNewsNow.com obtained. It is unknown whether his job in security had any connection to the shooting that took place, but it is known that it did. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is investigating every conceivable lead in this investigation.