Walter Grinder Obituary, Death – Walter grinder Institute for Humane Studies, Economist  Has Passed Away My first meeting with Walter, which took place when I was 13 years old, was a watershed moment in my life because he inspired me to become interested in the field of philosophy. The fact that Walter’s home at the time was in Bogota, New Jersey, and that I was located not too far away was a stroke of good luck on my part. He was the first person to show me that one’s entire life could be devoted to the pursuit of intellectual inquiry. He did this by living his life as an example. More than anything else, I looked forward to each meeting with Walter, and I never got tired of asking him questions about which books to read and which bookstores in New York City to visit.

I was always eager to hear his recommendations. In addition, the fact that he had spent time with Camus and traveled to Yugoslavia astonished me to the point where it seemed impossible to believe that he had done both of those things. The instant I laid eyes on him, the thought that immediately popped into my head was, “I want to be some variation of this.” I recall that Walter gave me a copy of his edition of Albert Jay Nock that was signed by him. The book was presented to me as a gift. The Rothbardians are currently engaged in the process of removing Walter from their ranks. When Walter attended David O’Mahoney’s class at the University of Cork, he was constantly expressing his dissatisfaction with the standard of the telephone service in the area.

At the Institute for Humane Studies, Walter is currently serving as the president of the organization. In the not-too-distant future, Walter will be moving to Menlo Park. In addition to that, Walter was blessed with an amazing family. In terms of his working life, Walter did not always get everything he wanted. Sometimes he came up short. Despite this, Walter was an important figure in the lives of a great many people, many of whom went on to have productive and significant careers as a direct result of his influence. We are a sort of secret society; we are all aware of one another’s identities, and today is a day that we are all lamenting.