Warren Yunker Obituary, Death – On November 27, 2022, Calgary, Alberta resident Warren Yunker met an untimely and untimely end as a result of an unexpected and tragic event. When he passed away, he had reached the age of 46 years old. Everyone was taken completely and utterly aback when they heard the news of his passing away. In this section of the website, you are invited to share your condolences, thoughts, and prayers with the family of Warren, as well as any photographs or memories you may have of Warren. You can also share any memories or photographs you have of Warren here.

The members of Warren’s family are putting in a lot of effort right now in order to finish the in-depth obituary that they have been toiling away at for a considerable amount of time. Within the next few days, once they have finished the work that they were doing on it, you will be able to find it posted on this website. After they have finished the preparations they needed to make for it, this will take place as the next step in the process.

McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes, Park Memorial, will be sponsoring the planting of a tree in the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area as a way to celebrate the life and legacy of Warren Yunker. The tree will be planted in the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area. This is the phone number you can use to get in touch with them: 403-243-8200. The Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area serves as the location of a funeral home that is situated on the grounds of the conservation area.

The funeral home in Calgary, Alberta is located at 5008 Elbow Drive SW. The postal code that corresponds to the location of the business is T2S 2L5, and you can contact the establishment at that address. This deed will be carried out in honor of Warren Yunker and as a tribute to him in recognition of the contributions that he has made.