Wesley Dettra Obituary,  Death – On Thursday, the authorities in Santa Clarita were able to identify the deceased male whose body had been discovered in a park in that city. The authorities were able to make this determination because they had access to the body. On Tuesday, the body of the deceased man was discovered. Since the body was discovered on Tuesday, there has been no information that can shed light on the identity of the person who passed away. On Tuesday, the corpse of the deceased man was discovered in the same place where it had been covered up earlier.

They were able to achieve this goal as a direct result of the evidence that was discovered at the scene of the criminal offense, which allowed them to do so successfully. When the day had just begun, the dead body of the person who had recently passed away was found in the early hours of the morning, roughly in the vicinity of seven o’clock, when the day had just begun. The person who had recently passed away was discovered in the early hours of the morning. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the event took place on Wednesday in a park that is located directly behind Charles Helmers Elementary School.

The park can be found directly behind the school. The neighborhood park is known by its official name, Charles Helmers Park. This green space, which is accessible to members of the general public, is called Charles Helmers Park. Charles Helmers Park is the name of this open area of greenery that is accessible to the general public. The neighborhood that is approximately bounded by Grandview Drive 27300 is the one in which you should look the most thoroughly in order to find this educational establishment. Wesley Dettra, who was 21 years old and from the city of Valencia, California, was found dead in a park in Southern California on Thursday.

The location of his body was not disclosed. The city of Valencia is where Wesley Dettra grew up. The location of the investigation was determined to be the park because it was there that the body of Wesley Dettra was discovered. The office of the coroner in Los Angeles County, which was responsible for the investigation, was the one that was able to determine the identity of the person who had passed away. They planned to perform an autopsy in order to determine the cause of his death and then take the appropriate next steps after the autopsy was finished once it was finished. Related video: (KTLA-TV Los Angeles) Related video: according to the report that was compiled by the sheriff’s department, a firearm was discovered at the scene of the incident, which indicates that the incident took place there.