Wesley Walls Obituary, Death – Sadly, one of the individuals who was involved in a collision that involved two vehicles has sadly passed away as a result of the injuries that they sustained as a direct result of the collision. The collision involved two vehicles. There were two vehicles involved in the collision. According to the reports that were received from the Arkansas State Police, the accident was said to have taken place on Wednesday, November 30, at 12:32 p.m. on State Highway 36/East Race Avenue in the city of Searcy. These reports were received from the Arkansas State Police.

According to the preliminary report on the fatal accident, 24-year-old Wesley Walls II of Judsonia was driving his 2022 Honda in the direction of eastbound traffic when he was struck and killed by a 1997 Ford traveling in the direction of northbound traffic that was exiting a private drive. The Ford was traveling in the direction of eastbound traffic at the time of the collision. Accident took place while Mr. Walls II was driving in the direction of traffic heading north. When the collision occurred, the Ford was going in the direction of travel that was designated for eastbound traffic in the direction of travel.

According to the American Society of Professionals in the Automotive Industry (ASP), the Ford failed to yield to Walls’ motorcycle when the motorcycle was in close proximity to the vehicle; however, the motorcycle was still allowed to pass. This is despite the fact that the motorcycle was in a position where it could have easily collided with the vehicle. After Walls suffered the injury that would later be determined to be fatal, he was transported in an ambulance to the Unity Health-White County Medical Center. There, he was pronounced dead. This building would eventually play the role of Walls’ final resting  place before he passed away. Because the other driver was able to walk away from the collision unscathed, the accident service was unable to determine who was at fault for the collision because they did not find any injuries on the other driver.