William Hunter Obituary, Death – William Hunter, a 55-year-old man from Aguila, Arizona, was the only passenger on board a single-engine Gallagher XLT-RG that was involved in a fiery collision close to Interstate 10 and the Banning scales. The accident occurred in close proximity to both of these locations. The accident took place in the neighborhood surrounding both of these locations. The collision happened somewhere in the immediate vicinity of the room that houses the scales.
The collision was the underlying cause of the fire, which began on a quarter of an acre but quickly spread throughout the entirety of the property. The fire had its origin on a quarter of an acre.

The preliminary report that was issued by the Federal Aviation Administration regarding the crash stated that the aircraft had its home base registered in Las Vegas, Nevada. This information was included in the report because it was pertinent to the investigation. This information was included in the report because the investigators determined that it was relevant to the investigation. The investigators came to the conclusion that including this information in the report was necessary because it was pertinent to the investigation that they were conducting. It was possible to make out a Lycoming TI0-540 SER that had been installed in the engine of the aircraft thanks to the inclusion of that component in the image.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the engine was “amateur built,” and due to the fact that it was installed in an experimental vehicle, it was classified as falling under the “experimental” category. According to FlightAware.com, a website that monitors flights, the airplane embarked on its first flight from the Eagle Roost Airpark Airport in Aguila, Arizona. The airport that is located in this area was originally built in the state of Arizona. Because of its location approximately 88 miles to the east of Blythe, Aguila is one of the more remote towns in the surrounding area.
The moment the airplane left the ground was at 18:09, which is based on the Mountain Standard Time zone. The airplane was not seen again after 18:19 hours local standard time, and its last known location was in the vicinity of the Banning Municipal Airport.